5 thoughts on “About

  1. Joe Domingos says:

    Hi Carla would like to get a copy of your book Uma Casa Portuguesa have your book for 40 years do leave in Portugal would love to be sent a copy or 2. Is it possible? Thanks Joe Domingos


  2. Nancy F says:

    Good luck Joe Domingos getting copies. I had the same request to Carla last year. Wanted two as this is my favorite cookbook, I have had it for many many years and some of the pages have come apart. I wanted to replace mine and wanted to get two more as Christmas gifts. Carla was very kind to contact me personally by phone, confirmed she had a box left but would not give them up as they were not being published anymore. She suggested I contact the publisher myself to see if they would bring it back, so I did but they weren’t very helpful.
    It really is to bad, this cookbook is easy to follow and for someone like myself born Canadian but from Portuguese roots and only speaking the language but not reading and writing in Portuguese I found this very helpful for me to keep my culture of Portuguese food in my kitchen.
    I hope to still get a couple of copies myself in the future but it would be unfair to by them off of ebay or amazon at the prices they have posted it for.


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